Orlando Gibbons Complete Keyboard Works (DXL 1126)


Special 2 CD collection featuring outstanding performances of the complete keyboard works of composer, Orlando Gibbons by pianist, Daniel-Ben Pienaar.

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Product Description

The keyboard output of Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625) still represents a small but significant blind spot in the perception of the work of one of England’s greatest composers.  The time is ripe for a fresh assessment of the whole of this part of Gibbons’ oeuvre and this collection by pianist Daniel-Ben Pienaar presents just that.Daniel-Ben Pienaar was born in South Africa, where he made his debut aged 14 in the Liszt E flat Concerto. After winning his country’s National Youth Music Competition and the University of South Africa Overseas Music Scholarship Competition, he entered the Royal Academy of Music in London, where he won the Queen’s Commendation in 1997 and held the Hodgson Fellowship in 1997/8. He is currently piano professor at the Royal Academy of Music.

Track List:

Disc 1

1) Fantasia MB10
2) Pavan MB17
3) Galliard MB24
4) Ground MB26
5) Mask The Fairest nymph MB43
6) Fantasia MB14
7) Alman MB35
8) Galliard MB25
9) Ground The Italian ground MB27
10) Mask Lincoln’s Inn Mask MB44
11) Prelude MB2
12) Alman MB37
13) Alman MB36
14) Fantasia MB6
15) Fantasia MB5
16) Galliard Lady Hutton MB20
17) Galliard MB23
18) Galliard MB21
19) Fantasia MB9
20) Pavan MB16
21) Ground Whoop, do me no harm, good man MB31
22) Ground Peascod time, or, The hunt’s up MB30

Disc 2

1) Fantasia MB7
2) Alman MB33
3) Coranto French Coranto MB38
4) Coranto MB39
5) Mask Welcome home MB42
6) Prelude MB1
7) Versus MB4
8) Fantasia MB11
9) Alman MB34
10) Coranto MB40
11) Fantasia MB13
12) Mask The temple mask MB45
13) Ground The Queens’s command MB28
14) Ground The woods so wild MB29
15) French Air MB32
16) Prelude MB3
17) Fantasia MB8
18) Pavan MB15
19) Galliard MB22
20) Mask Nann’s mask or French Alman MB41
21) Pavan Lord Salisbury MB18
22) Galliard Lord Salisbury MB19
23) Fantasia MB12

Additional Information

Daniel Ben Pienaar


Orlando Gibbons


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