William Byrd
For My Ladye Nevell

Terence Charlston, Harpsichord & Virginals

Playing time 71





This is one of the finest surviving Tudor Music Manuscripts featuring the music of Byrd, the most important composer of the golden age of keyboard composition.

My Ladye Nevells Booke is one of the finest surviving Tudor music manuscripts. The contents are entirely devoted to the keyboard music of William Byrd, of which it is the single most important source. Byrd was the most important composer of the golden age of keyboard composition known as the English virginalist school.

As a solo harpsichordist and chamber musician, Terence Charlston is well known to chamber music audiences through his work with many renowned artists and especially London Baroque. He founded the department of Historical Performance at the Royal Academy of Music, London, and is professor of harpsichord at the Royal College of Music, London.




Track List

1) My Ladye Nevells Grownde
The Battell
2) I  The souldiers sommons
3) IV The trumpetts
4) VI The bagpipe and the drone
5) VII The flute and the droome
6) The Galliarde for the Victorie
7) The Seconde Pavian
8) The Galliarde to the Seconde Pavian
9) The Fifte Pavian
10) The Galliarde to the Fifte Pavian
11) The Seventh Pavian
12) The Eighte Pavian
13) A Voluntarie, “For my ladye nevell”
14) Lord Willobies Welcome Home
15) The Carmans Whistle
16) Sellingers Rownde
17) A Fancie
18) A Voluntarie
19) Fantazia Mr Bird